5 Keys to successful Social Media Management

Connect with your audience

When you start a social media page for your business, you must remember that the most important key is interacting with your followers. Having a welcoming, accommodating tone in your response comments, query replies, etc is essential. This strengthens loyalty and people don’t just follow to unfollow later.

Visual Communication

It’s easy to convince someone of anything face-to-face, but you can’t do that from the other side of a screen. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc attract an audience to like, comment or share only when they stop to actually see your post and not just scroll part it. You want to make a visual impact so that the viewer stops, reads your caption or appreciates your picture.


It’s not true that if people follow you for your product, they only want to see pictures of your product (or business promos with loads of text). People appreciate a product post once in a while, but most of the times they want to see what’s going on (whether that’s BTS of your work space or a picture of your team members). It makes them feel like they can relate to you rather than following a robot account that spams their feed with something they don’t want to see.


At Mexyon we make sure we have all our stats in place so we know which kind of post appeals to what kind of audience, so we can post it at that certain time when our certain audience will be online. This gets the best engagement; and we all know that FB and Insta algorithms don’t show majority of your followers your post if it hasn’t been liked/commented on in the first few hours.


Last but very important, your feed needs to look appealing enough for a random viewer (who visits your profile by chance) to follow. If you love to see beautiful, organized, color-schemed pictures, then your followers do to. Anything to see something pretty when they open their phones! However, it does not mean you should post irrelevant content.

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