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In this fast pace digital world, a website is one of the most vital business tools. If you have a business but you do not have a website, you are losing on great business opportunities. Your audience might be searching for you but your nonexistence on the web would result in you losing your potential audience.

Mexyon will help you develop a website that builds your brand’s credibility. Our expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Bootstrap Framework guarantees web site designs that are optimized for all browsers and major mobile devices including iPhone and iPad.

With Mexyon, you will be guided throughout the web development process ensuring that everything is aligned to your requirements.

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Our Website Development Process

Our comprehensive Web Development  strategy ensures a perfectly designed website for your business.


Consultation is the very first step we take. At Mexyon, we take hold of the project early to find out what our client’s expectations are. Most of the website owners are skeptical about what they want. They do not have a clear understanding about it. Hence, we use our industry know-how to create something that reflects who our clients are and deliver them the best we could do for them. During this stage, we completely involve our clients for their input so that they can be a part of the process.

Wire Frame

Wire Framing is a screen blue print that provides a skeletal framework of your website. It is an actual representation of your website to provide you a clear picture. It’s the underlying structure of your site, created for space allocation, prioritization of content and arrangement of elements for their intended behaviors. Once you know how the site performs and navigates, final website can be built upon. Our experts, are then ready to fully develop your website.

Final Website

Once we have agreed upon the nitty-gritties, we refine your website into a functioning masterpiece. Our experts at Mexyon, translates your wire-frame into a digital final product keeping in mind your feedback. By help of our creative designers, we incorporate color scheme, logo and other animations to make your site truly yours. We finally deliver the result to our clients and are ready to hear positive remarks about to their newly developed website.