3 sure-fire ways of retaining your salon customers

If you have your own salon business, you know how crucial it is to keep the same clients to come back again for more services. So, here’s 3 ways you can retain your customers and gradually get new ones! 


how to retain customers

  1. Build a strong relationship with your clients 

You don’t need to know a client’s personal life, or vice versa, to build a relationship that makes them want to come to your salon only. The first step is to be inviting and kind, make the client feel like they’re your VIP customer. When a client leaves the salon relaxed and intrinsically happy, they’re bound to tell other people about their special treatment.

retaining salon customers 

2. Remind your client to come back for another service 

The best way to bring a client back is to ask them! Send out reminder messages to your customer after a certain period of time, to come and get a service done. Skedwise gives you the option to send automated messages to your clients to remind them of their next appointment (check it out HERE). 

3. Social Media 

Everyone has an Instagram or Facebook account, so use that to your advantage. You can ask a customer to follow your social media pages or post a picture of their service and tag you! This helps your salon’s internet presence reach a wider audience, resulting in more sales! If you don’t already have a social media management system, click here to check out our SMM services. 

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